Commissioner Intensifies War On Illicit Brews

Eastern Regional Commissioner Paul Rotich has rallied residents to support the ongoing war on illicit brews to rid the Region of the menace. Speaking from his office in Embu on Friday, the RC said concerted efforts and goodwill from security agencies, leaders, and the community were needed for the fight to bear the expected results. 'Cooperation from all relevant stakeholders to curb the continued use of illicit brews is of utmost importance for us to sustain and win this war,' he said. He said the dangers of the substance cannot be overemphasised, as it has caused many societal problems, robbing victims of a bright future while leaving others dead or with lifelong health complications. The RC said that for the past one month since the campaign commenced, they had made tremendous progress, with many outlets having been closed and suspects arraigned in court. He said that due to the unavailability of the brews, the majority of the drinkers had quit the habit and started channelling their time and energies towards activities of self-improvement. 'We have seen a big change since we started this war. We have seen many of those hooked on social vices going back to work, attending churches, and even attending public barazas,' he said. He appealed to security officers not to let the guard down in this fight to safeguard the gains achieved so far. 'The biggest challenge for us now is to sustain this war, and I call up our security organs not to get tired or relax,' he appealed, while also calling on the members of the public to keep sharing crucial information with them with regard to manufacturers and sellers. On flooding, the Commissioner reported that, with the exception of North-Horr Constituency, where hundreds had been displaced, the situation was okay in other areas. He said the situation in the affected constituency was under control, adding that they were on the lookout and mitigation measures had been put in place should there be a similar occurrence elsewhere. Source: Kenya News Agency