County Develops Emergency Flood Response

The Department of Public Health has developed a workable plan for emergency flood response, which includes health promotion and distribution of Non-food items (NFIs) targeting Turkana Central, South, East, and North sub-counties. The emergency response plan, supported by UNICEF Kenya and implemented by Welt HungerHilfe Kenya, aims to address Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) issues to protect the community from water-related diseases. Speaking during the meeting, Public Health Officer Rael Akoru stated that the county, in conjunction with its partners, will distribute water storage containers, water treatment tablets, and soap. 'The Non -food items will help the community address health and sanitation issues in response to the ongoing rains resulting in floods,' she said. She further mentioned that the plan will be critical in identifying sites prone to floods based on the magnitude of floods, household vulnerability, and population affected. Turkana Central Deputy Sub-County Public Health Officer Di nah Toroitich stated that the work plan would guide activities such as site and facility identification and community mobilisation for NFIs distribution. Regional Manager of Welt HungerHilfe Kenya Turkana Office, Phillip Ewoton, mentioned that the distributed items will enable the community to mitigate and control the emergence of water-borne diseases. He added that they were currently planning to visit Namukuse and Long'ech to sensitise village administrators, community Health Assistants, Public Health Officers, and facility in-charges on flood emergency preparedness. In the meeting were Peter Mitunda (Public Health Officer), Vincent Chweywa (WASH Extender UNICEF Kenya), Sofia Lotin (Sub-County Community Health Services Focal Person), and Caroline Lotom (Field Officer, WHH- Kenya). Source: Kenya News Agency