Kajiado Officials Exploit Rains To Plant Trees

In an effort to combat the ravages of climate change in the country, public servants in Kajiado County took advantage of the current long rains to plant at least 2000 seedlings at the Maasai National Polytechnic grounds. The programme dubbed 'school greening programme' targets schools and institutions within the county for the purpose of afforestation and achieving the Presidential directive of planting 15 billion trees by the year 2032. Kajiado County Commissioner James Taari, while addressing the media, called on school heads and county officials to take advantage of the rains and plant both exotic and indigenous trees, as some species do not require a lot of water. Taari mentioned that they were targeting to plant at least 5000 seedlings, but they managed to plant at least 2000 seedlings. 'We wanted to plant more than 5000 seedlings, but we have managed to plant 2000 of them. Learning institutions with space should take advantage of this time and plant trees, as we believe that if we plant trees right now, they will grow and make our environment green again. Let us plant exotic and indigenous trees to mitigate climate change and regenerate our environment,' said Taari. Taari added that, the programme not only focuses on schools and institutions but also on homesteads. Residents who have enough space in their homes are encouraged to go for seedlings at the Kenya Forest offices or even source indigenous trees around them and plant. 'The trees we have planted do not require a lot of water, so if you have a space and some water at your home, please come take the seedlings and plant trees. Once the seedling has received a small amount of water, the tree will grow. Rely on Kenya Forest to get the seedlings, but when you discover some indigenous trees not placed correctly, you can take them and plant them well,' added Taari. Phineas Rewa, Kajiado County Forest Conservatory, revealed that, the variety of species of trees planted at Maasai National Polytechnic will enrich the environment by providing shades a nd beauty, and they can be used for timber and landscaping. 'The trees we have planted today and the ones before will make this school beautiful within the next five years; it will show quite a different environment. We have planted casuarina, cordia Africana, and croton macrostachyus with the main purpose of landscaping and beauty; they can also be used for timber and furniture. We want to support institutions through a school greening programme and also the restoration of dying rees,' said Rewa. Source: Kenya News Agency