Land Registration Awareness Campaign Underway in County Communities

County - A collaborative team from the Lands Department of the National and County Governments, the National Land Commission (NLC), and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has launched a community sensitization campaign on land registration. This initiative aims to assist in the formation of the Community Land Management Committee (CLMC), crucial for overseeing the submission of Community Land Claim forms (CLA-1).

According to Kenya News Agency, the County's Director of Land Surveys, the sensitization is a continuation of previous efforts that saw 66 village units registered, with their inventories submitted to the National Ministry of Lands for processing. Egiron emphasized the importance of having individuals of integrity in the CLMCs, noting that they must command respect within their communities. "So far, 10 community land registration units have conducted the elections," he said, listing Lomunyenakwaan, Lopeduru, Katilia, Elelea, Lokwii, Lokori, Lopii, Katilu, Lokichar, and Kasuroi as the communities where CLMCs have been established.

Additionally, 19 other communities have expressed interest and completed the CLA-1 form. These include Lorugum, Lochor-Ekuyen, Lochor-Edome, Namoruputh, Puch, Lokiriama, Urum, Lorengikippi, Kalemunyang, Kang'alita, Nakurio, Kainuk, Koputiro, Loyapat, Kalemung'orok, Kakong'u, Kaputir, Nakwamoru, and Kanaodon. The CLA-1 Form is essential for recognizing claims on community land.

Egiron outlined that the next phase of the adjudication exercise, following the successful elections of CLMCs, will involve surveying the respective community land registration units. Following these surveys, the communities will be issued with community titles. This exercise is funded by the FAO under its digital and governance program.

Edwin Wafula (Community Land Registrar), Vincent Agevi (County Land Adjudication Officer), Galgalo Bora (NLC), Linda Opiyo (FAO), Norah Kosgey, and Simon Wesala (Adjudication Officers) also played significant roles in the land registration process. This initiative is crucial for transitioning land currently held in trust by the County Government to individual ownership after the issuance of title deeds.