Met To Machakos Residents: Brace For Heavy Rains

Machakos will continue to experience heavy rains until the second week of May, County Director of Meteorological Services Dominic Kyalo has said. Kyalo said most parts of the county will continue to receive heavy rains, which are expected to subside in the second week of May. 'Some of the areas like Muthesya,Katumani,Ekalakala,and Masii have received over 250mm of rain cumulatively, and we expect that by the time the rains end in May, the areas will have received more than 400-500mm,' he said. He cautioned about potential floods due to the rains and asked residents to take precautions to avert loss of lives and property. 'Those living along the Athi and Tana River basins, including Matungulu, Ndithini, and Masinga, should watch out for floods. If possible, they should move to higher ground, 'said the director of meteorological services. Kyalo also asked residents not to cross flooded rivers and to be wary of dams that he said had filled to capacity due to the heavy rains. 'We have also received reports of collapsed buildings and toilets in Muthesya and Mumbuni areas due to the heavy rains, and we call upon residents to be on the lookout,' he added while speaking to KNA today. Kyalo also noted that the rains are sometimes accompanied by lightning and thunder storms and dissuaded residents from seeking shelter under trees and abandoned houses. Source: Kenya News Agency