Nkambe:One dies, dozens injured in youth day IED explosion

At least one person was killed and dozens of others injured by an improvised explosive device during Youth Day march past event on February 11, 2024, at Nkambe central subdivision in the north west region. The explosive was detonated at the Grand Stand during the March past of Government Secondary School Binshua was exercising the parade to March past authorities. There was aloud noise , followed by cries from victims and then commotion at the Stands. Pupils and students scrambled to take cover while parents ran to all directions to protect their kids. https://www.facebook.com/share/r/K1cP5Fvjrh2x3e65/ List of victims Nandji (dead) NKWA KELUWENE ALIMA SALE ABOUBACAR ISSA MENTOUM CONILUS ABDULKARIM MAMATU KUHSEKA SYLVAIN ISSAGAR YEIKAR ASSONGWEH JUNIOR SHEY BISMARCK xx TOHNGI SANDRA NFORMI CÉDRIC ADU DIAN ADISA ISMAËLA BANFOHGA MARIE THÉRÈSE BAWE FAVOUR NFORMI JUNIOR LOVELINE JOY NJATO NDI CYNTHIA MANDJONG BRIAN YUSETTE TRÉSOR KANJO NERISSE NTALA NOA KETSI FABIOLA TATA MBONGO DERR ICK BAMBE GÉRARD CHIFU PRINCESS MAYA RIGESSE KEGNE JENNIFER RIBERY EDEL QUEEN YOTEA NJANJI CLARISSE NJIKAM BLESSING TAM LAETICIA SHEYI SALI MOUNJA PASCALINE REJOYCE KINYU KANJO GHISLAIN NDUTCHO STÉPHANIE DIROUTE BILANYE SANYA RACHEL RITA MUMKEH NGONSISI ASHLEY AFANYU SANDRINE CHANJI HELEN MADINATOU IBRAHIM FADIMATU SALI MANGO BLANDINE KUHSEKA MERABLE NGWELA CLARISSE NJI STÉPHANIE NDAMO CLOVIS Five others were unidentified. Though no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, Separatists have in past heard targeted areas where national events were being observed in the North West and South West region. Source: Cameroon News Agency