Only 6 incubators at B’da Regional Hospital for 19 premature babies

By Mayayong The Regional Hospital in Bamenda is in dire need of incubators for babies born prematurely according to the Hospital's director, Dr. Denis Nsame. Dr. Nsame, speaking to CNA, explained that there are currently 19 pre-term babies in the hospital but the hospital's neonatal unit only has 6 incubators, leaving 13 other premature babies who need to be in an incubator, without one. Dr. Noela Ngwanyama who heads the neonatal unit at the Hospital also explained that most of these pre-term babies have infections, asphyxia (breathing difficulties due to their poorly-formed lungs), and neonatal jaundice. Dr. Nsame, the director of the hospital, also explained that there is a shortage of staff as the Hospital only has 2 pediatricians (doctors specializing in child health), 2 general practitioners (doctors who don't perform invasive surgery), 12 nurses, and 30 beds with only 6 working incubators. Source: Cameroon News Agency